Saturday, 14 July 2018

This is obvious. But let's talk about it

Hands on the steering wheel. 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock. Firm grips. Eyes kept on glancing back and forth between the side mirror and the back of a wide 18 wheeled truck. Sweat rolling over my neck as I wait for the opportune moment. The 18 wheeler in front doesn’t seemed to be as fast. I move to its side. The road suddenly felt a lot more cramped. The divider on the other side seemed to be coming closer and closer. Anxiety grew within me. I needed to go faster. I floored it. The seemingly endless narrow road was beginning to slip away. Finally out of the crevice of potential death.

That was my first experience of overtaking in a highway. Sure does mean a lot to me.  However, in all that adrenaline stepping on the gas, I wondered if I didn’t go to such extreme in increasing the acceleration. Of course, that is a typical question you get from a physics quiz. A question of time, distance and speed.

         What speed really is just the difference of distance over a period of time. The variables will have an effect on one another. More speed, less time. You don’t need to be a theoretical physicist to get that. But in all fairness, the question that probed my mind was that I didn’t need constant acceleration. Just as long as my speed is higher than the truck.

With all this, it comes down to only one crucial thing. One thing that determines the importance of any action; time.

         We are, figuratively like cars. Moving at its own speed. Overtaking each other. Some obeying the road laws, while some don’t. The only variable that keeps everything in relevance is time. Some, achieve success even before they reach 30. Achieving all their dreams at such an early age. Of course, it’s proportional to their effort. While some, only get to reach their dreams well over retirement age. It is just a matter time. The distance. The speed. Those don’t matter. Time is the ultimate measurement. What people make a fuss about though is about how they want their riches and wealth to come in an instant. As quickly as possible. The underlying problem of this is that we do not realise our own speed. Our own effort on making it a reality.

         A higher speed, but a constant one was all it took to overtake that truck. 

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