Friday, 31 August 2018

Death, Sex, and Country

Having watched The Incredibles for the hundredth times with my 4 year old nephew, I’ve decided my favourite scene in all cinematic history. It was the opening scene. Right after when Mr. Incredible saves the man from an attempted suicide and got sued for it. Although the remarkable scene was to show the downfall of the superhero trend (they pull it off better than BvS), I was more intrigued by the suicidal man. It hadn’t occur to me that some suicidal people didn’t want to be saved. See it this way, there are hundreds of organizations that offer suicidal prevention hotlines, suicidal prevention training for first line responders like police officers, firefighters and such. But what if they protest against this. Forming a club of suicidal fighting the government over their rights to choose what’s right for them. Of course, it is very odd. But that’s it. Why do YOU decide what’s right for them? What do YOU know better?

            Today is the independence of my country. Over 61 years we build this country from the clutches of foreign rule. The unity of our people is the inspiration that drives us towards a better nation. Racial discrimination doesn’t pose as a major hurdle anymore. Instead, it is a matter of genders and sexual orientations that boiling our day to day conversations. Add this with the recent government’s intervention stating that it’s their rights, and not to receive any oppression or discrimination. It’s startling how there isn’t any huge protest happening in the streets yet. Both from the conservative side and also the liberals.

            The famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said in this book, “Beyond Good and Evil”, nothing is true everything is permitted. Truth is just a matter of perspectives. Leaving behind the traditional morality and other dogmatism. In this case, we might say that there is nothing wrong with having different sexual orientations and such. However, I want to point out the fundamental question of what is considered as right and wrong. It conforms to function.

            Say for example, I take a screwdriver and start hammering it to the TV set. Well, that is wrong. The function of that screwdriver is to take out the screw, and a hammer is to hammer things.

            The fundamental function of a reproductive organ is to- well, reproduce. The epic struggle of the species is to inherit their genes to the next generation. I want to propose that there IS something wrong with these people. And instead of oppressing and discriminating, help them. Just as those suicidal victims wanting to die. Why do YOU decide what’s right for them? What do YOU know better?

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